Propaganda : Chaos Code's brand new release Propaganda is available. This album features a variety of
music and includes former members Cliff Phelps, Gary Curtis, and Patrick Gaffney with additional guests
on vocals, guitar, and horns. You'll savor this new, carefully-produced release from Chaos Code.
To get a copy of Propaganda, see our Merchandise page. Enjoy!

the Chameleon : sort of bluesish; sort of psychedlic.
Calling to Shadows : a beautiful instrumental showcasing guitar, trumpet, flute, and synth.
A New Domination : this one will kick in your door and then kill your TV
the Last Assignment : a well-crafted composition intended to carry you to all sorts of fronts
Saturated : a clip from part 2 of the album's epic journey. A very integrated piece.
Fortune Cookie Leaflet : a sequence from part 3 of the epic journey
Emergence : the thoroughly textured and completely moving finale of the epic and album

The Tragedy of Leaps and Bounds : Chaos Code's second album has been a complete success with the listeners of
progressive music all around the world. Requests to perform and release more music seem to be endless after this collection
of intricately constructed songs. To get a copy of The Tragedy of Leaps and Bounds, see our Merchandise page.

Unity : a soft, tension-provoking introduction to the album
Spacesuits and Sunglasses : a daring jaunt through various styles and moods.
A Reason to Kill : guts, balls, and twists billow from this powerful thriller
Distance : the album's closing piece - an epic tune and a terrific display of musicianship

A Tapestry of Afterthoughts : Chaos Code's first feature-length effort and the beginning of the legacy. This album
introduces the band to listeners around the world and sets the stage for what will become a band of virtue.
To get a copy of A Tapestry of Afterthoughts, see our Merchandise page.

the Cave : the album opener - and an eye opener. Creative and captivating.
Heights of Time : a catchy song including strong moments of force and vigor.
Gravy Fries : an upbeat instrumental piece showing the excitement and attitude of the band
the Devil's Trombone : a modern ensemble with classic interludes displaying the compositional talent of the band

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