Chaos Code formed in 1997 in Baltimore, MD. The original band consisted of Mike Potter (flute,saxophone, vocals, keyboards), Philip Rous (bass, synth guitar), Cliff Phelps (guitar, vocals, flute), Marty Saletta (keyboards, Chapman stick), and Mike Farmer (drums). Farmer left during the writing of the first album and later helped form Viginia-based Encompass as a keyboard player. He was replaced in Chaos Code by Daniel Squillaro. With the writing of the first album almost completed, Mike Potter was forced to leave in order to attend to his increasing responsibilities as the owner of Orion Sound Studios (a landmark to experimental, progressive and fusion music in Baltimore). This left room for more new music which was eventually filled by Phelps and Rous. The band's debut, self-recorded album, A Tapestry of Afterthoughts was mixed at Orion Sound Studios and released in June 1999. After a handful of shows, they disbanded as both Phelps and Rous moved to other areas.
        During his time away, Phelps continued writing and by late 2000, he was looking to collaborate on a new album. Philip Rous had moved back to his native country, England. Marty Saletta had joined the Dark Aether Project and Daniel Squillaro was nowhere to be found. Phelps went back to Orion Sound Studios where he met Patrick Gaffney of Baltimore's Cerebus Effect. Former Averted Vision bass player, Gary Curtis, was recruited. Tom Langan was brought aboard to play keyboards. After almost two years, the band's second album, The Tragedy of Leaps and Bounds, was released in 2002. This album was recorded and mixed at Orion Sound Studios. It also featured Mike Potter on saxophone and flute. Immediately following the release of Tragedy, The band continued working on new material recording a 10-minute Langan composition before consolidating its vision and focusing on a new project. Phelps, Gaffney, and Curtis were to spend two and a half more years systematically carving out pieces for a new concept album. Spurred on by the relative success of Tragedy, as compared to the first album, a new brand of Chaos Code was born. The music was bold and dynamic. Chaos Code mixed the new music at Secret Sound Studio in Baltimore, MD. John Grant, who has an impressive list of credentials, gave production help. Also, seasoned local musicians Jose Silva, Barry Caudill and Dave Makowiecki were recruited for horn and backing vocal tracks. Now in December 2005, the third release from Chaos Code, Propaganda, has been released. The music promises to be the bands best yet. Also, a radiant, provocative cover has been provided by artist Matthew Pumphrey. The CD will be available in the United States in January 2006 and in Europe and Japan soon thereafter.

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