Below are some reviews of Chaos Code.

"Chaos Code...plays very outstanding progressive music in the fine tradition of classical art rock...It is a fine work that stresses the idea that progressive rock lives and is a musical genre whose production seems non-exhaustible and stands the test of time."
- Gibralter Encyclopedia of Progressive Rock

"Vintage prog and a new band to look out for."
- Jurriaan Hage for Axiom of Choice

"The Tragedy OF Leaps and Bounds" is absolutely pleasant progressive rock. The songwriting is extremely complex and completely progressive. It is rock typically in sound and expression on one side; yet, playful and sensitively worked out on the other side."
- Volkmar Mantei for Ragazzi Music

"The end result of this effort has a strong, dark 70s veneer through and through, but these guys are not ripping anybody off. Its a rare treat, to find a band that can evoke that sort of soundscape, and yet still manage to do so with their own unique s""tyle and voice...Kick ass stuff man, honest!
- Luis Nasser for Prog4you

"Chaos Code represents one of the best progressive hopes of the American and "The Tragedy of Leaps and Bounds" can be seen like one of the surprises of 2002."
- Peppe Di Spirito for Arlequins - Progressive Rock Webzine

"The first song alone is already worth the money for this album...if original good “handmade” progressive rock combined with excellent musicianship is for you more important than an impressing synthetic sound done with technical perfection then you should definitively check out this band. It’s a real hidden gem! 4 well deserved stars for it!"
- Dieter Fischer for Prog Archives

"The music of Chaos Code floats into a hard but delicate Hard Rock influences to a softer and full of Progressive Rock melodious moments. They play something similar to a kind of "Symphonic Rock Opera", where all the sounds have a perfect orchestration, with inspired and surprising arrangements between instruments as: electric guitars, bass, drums and keyboards also including instruments as flute and sax, where everything contributes to notable quality."
- Carlos Vaz for Progressive Rock & Progressive Metal e-zine

"They have a good feel for pacing and arrangement."
- John Collinge, Progression Magazine

"Chaos Code shows a lot of promise. Full of good ideas; well executed."
- John Davis, Expose Magazine

"They produce the goods and they do it perfectly well. Prog fans the world over will love these guys."
- M.M. Wondrous Stories Magazine

"Flute, mellotron, invention and melancholy...this is great art."
- Acid Dragon

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